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217 W 19 Terrace
Kansas City, MO, 64108
United States


One of a kind Sculptural Jewelry - for all of us who are unique and special. Inspired by the Cycle of Life and marine fauna.


Jewelry and fashion can function as a material reflection of a society. With the use of fabric and metal, I question the traditional concepts of wear ability and the connections between apparel, jewelry and the skin. The body works as a site of display. The metal is laminated directly to the skin, a three-dimensional canvas, holding the clothing in place. This symbiotic relation between the metal and the fabric become reminiscent to the clothing for them to be fully understood.

Artist Edward Steichen has raised questions and/or awareness about significant cultural issues considering decadence and extravagance as a conceptual project. I, as well, want the wearer to fall into a self-indulgent state, as the jewels become part of the body and the outfit. With my collection “Impressions” I question the possibilities of adornment on the body, boldness and what the future of fashion holds in our cosmopolitan time.