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217 W 19 Terrace
Kansas City, MO, 64108
United States


One of a kind Sculptural Jewelry - for all of us who are unique and special. Inspired by the Cycle of Life and marine fauna.

Barnacle Ring - Beige

Mer De Verre

Mer De Verre, or Sea of Glass, represents a basin of life. It starts with the birth of a coral's life in the form of colorful single celled creatures evolving into complex forms. The metal represents the blood of life while the enamel (glass) is the water that feeds it; a metaphor for continuity and existence. Birth emerges in that meeting point of land and water.

Barnacle Ring - Beige


Barnacle Ring - Beige


Inspired by its name, the Barnacle is known for its strong structure and adaptive capabilities. This elegant interpretation from our Mer De Verre Collection is the birthplace of our concept of the Cycle of Life. It is enameled with beige brown glass on fine silver and plated with 24k.  Each piece is individually crafted and slight variation may occur due to our unique process. Please allow 1-2 weeks for deliver. 

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