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217 W 19 Terrace
Kansas City, MO, 64108
United States


One of a kind Sculptural Jewelry - for all of us who are unique and special. Inspired by the Cycle of Life and marine fauna.



Every piece of jewelry tells its own story. A commission piece made by Cheryl Eve Acosta gives you the opportunity to tell yours

The commission process is intimate and detailed. It begins with memories and ideas. The design is realized and sketched, the elements are carefully selected, and the piece is hand crafted through the unique processes that Cheryl Eve Acosta is known for. The result is a meaningful and unique piece of wearable art.

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The Albright Brooch


my Mother's Garden

The Madeline Albright Brooch

Commissioned by the Women's Foundation of Greater Kansas City, Cheryl Eve Acosta conceived this brooch for Madeline Albright's visit to Kansas City.  Albright is a former diplomat, Secretary of State, writer, and mother who is known for wearing brooches as symbolic statements throughout her political career and in her personal life. Keeping with Cheryl Eve's signature organic shapes and water motifs, her design embodies the life of Madeline. "The brooch depicts an oasis-like basin, emitting three gold and silver algae plants," Cheryl explains. "These plants represent Albright's three daughters while Madeline is the basin that feeds them." 

The Crinoid Necklace


While commissioning a gift for his daughter, George drew inspiration from a camping trip the two took in the Flint Hills of Kansas. There they hiked, horseback rode, sat around fires, and discovered fossils of crinoid stems. An unforgettable trip for George, he drew on this experience and the memories of it as he sought a unique custom gift for his now grown daughter. George connected with Cheryl Eve over her work's relationship to the cycle of life, a cycle that includes the unique preservation of life through fossils, and this unique piece is the embodiment for them both. "The necklace that you've made will always remind her how precious life is, and how relationships, like fossils, echo through time and show up in exciting ways years after the experience is over," said George.  

my Mother's Garden Pendant

This special pendant was gifted to the charitable patrons of the Truman Medical Center. Designed as homage to the main commissioner’s grandmother, this pendant honors the memory of a woman who loved her garden and flowers. A garden embodies all of nature’s fragile biodiversity; a unique geography of cells, plants, and animals living and thriving among each other. The pendant represents life embodied in the shape of flower and cells. The copper lily stems out multiplying in a cellular vortex, shaded with monochromatic pinks. Speaking of her inspiration for this piece, Cheryl Eve says, "the balance between fragility and strength is a rhythm defining us. Life from my mother's garden is too precious to let go."

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